Rotech Machines Ltd

Founded in 1997 Rotech has grown rapidly to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of online and offline coding and marking equipment and consumables.

The past few years has seen Rotech expand rapidly into the export market particularly with our launch of established feeding systems which we continue to ship to OEM’s and end users all over the world.

Our coding and marking printers revolve around three core technologies –thermal inkjet, thermal transfer and hot foil. These printers can be fitted to our RF range of stack-to-stack offline overprinting systems which were designed by us to handle a wide range of products and can be specifically adapted with the consumer needs in mind.

But Rotech are about much more than machines. We offer consultancy services on the technology behind them, as well as a wide range of consumables for our own machines and many other popular models. In response to demand, Rotech's work in both these areas has grown considerably in recent years.

Rotech is run by its owners and does not suffer from the usual corporate constraints. Customers come first, and to this end we have an efficient CRM system to ensure that we can deliver more to our customers by accessing information instantly.

Our small size, innovative approach and hands-on style also enables us to apply our extensive engineering knowledge and skills to coding and marking problems that larger companies might not want to take on.

Our customer service, our experience, our skills, our machines and consumables - all this has made Rotech a go-to coding and marking specialist in the packaging industry.