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The Environmental Group Limited

Air & Pollution Control, Waste Water Treatment

EGL provides clean air and clean water solutions to industry by:

  • Completing engineered solutions to enhance air and water quality including diagnostic studies, design, and construction activities.
  • Providing environmental facility management to industry.
  • Operating air and water infrastructure such as water and waste water treatment plants.

Business Units

The business operates three divisions.

Engineered Solutions

EGL’s Engineered Solutions division complete diagnostics and engineering studies, detailed design, and construction of air and water management installations.

Air Group

The Air Group is based on our long standing Gas Cleaning business unit. Our Gas Cleaning services are a market leader in Australia in the removal of harmful gases from air emissions.
In the 2007/08 financial year the Air Group acquired TAPC (Total Air Pollution Control Pty Limited) business unit.  TAPC‘s focus is the removal of particulates from air emissions.
EGL now provide a full suite of air pollution services to industry covering the removal of both gaseous and particulate emissions.

Water Group

Within the Water Group is the Pressure Sewer business unit.  EGL will continue to expand its products and services to the water sector in recognition of the high growth potential of this market segment. EGL’s expansion in this sector will be achieved by securing strategic acquisitions of identified high quality and profitable businesses.

Facility Services

Our facilities services division focuses on providing maintenance services to existing facilities in the Mining, Industrial, and Commercial sectors.

Mine Assist provides a range of services to the Hunter Valley and Bowen Basin mining regions including the provision of water pumping, the laying of high diameter poly piping for water transport, and specialist cleaning services for large mining equipment. 

Mine Assist also provide support and implementation for EGL’s Air and Water Engineered Solutions to the burgeoning mining sector.

Other acquisitions are targeted in this division to expand our coverage to the Commercial and Industrial sectors.

Infrastructure Operations

EGL’s third key division is Infrastructure Operations which manages a number of waste water treatment facilities for municipalities and industrial clients. This division currently operates the Redcliffe, Wodonga, and Clarence Colliery waste water treatment plants servicing the wastewater needs of more than 200,000 Australians.

EGL has a number of subsidiary companies. Click below to visit their web sites:


It is our goal that EGL grows to become an ASX300 company by 2015 by providing environmental services to large industrial and commercial water users and air emitters in Australia.  Achieving this target will require a 100% increase in revenue with a return to profitability in 2007/08, and then annual revenue and profit growth of around 25%.

Demand for environmental services is increasing as a result of the broader acknowledgement of climate change and the corresponding demand for environmental solutions from industry.

EGL’s growth will be achieved by:

  • Building a committed, motivated, and aligned team.
  • Further improving our current activities to ensure they provide acceptable returns to our stakeholders.
  • Expanding our range of environmental services via acquisition.
  • Identifying and building alliances with the top 200 water users and air emitters in Australia.
  • Expanding our geographic coverage to ensure we can deliver a full range of solutions to our customers.

The result will be better environmental performance for Australian industry, successful and rewarding careers for our staff, and superior returns for shareholders.