JEHBSIL Silicone Rubber has no additional fillers.  It is the highest quality, 100% SILICONE RUBBER.  The characteristics of JEHBSIL Silicone Rubber products are not compromised by the addition of fillers as some brands of extrusions on the market.  This ensures a greater life span and performance of JEHBSIL products. 

Silicone Rubber is a totally synthetic product.  It is designed to have plastic qualities over a wide range of temperature.  It can be moulded, extruded and laminated to almost any shape.  It is cured at elevated temperatures.

Once fully cross linked it will operate satisfactorily over a range of temperatures from –50C to +260C for long periods.  Its life is reduced if operated outside this range continually, although it will resist short term intrusion into higher temperature ranges.


    The family of Silicone rubbers include those having higher ranges of tear resistance or extended elongation or specific resistance to specific aggressive solvents etc.  These family members can be blended or modified to give desired properties for special applications.  Further additives can be introduced to p    rovide flame proof or higher properties if required.

   JEHBSIL Silicone Rubber can be produced in a range of forms, each having characteristics to suit the needs of a specific application.


Heat stability from –50C to +260C.  Silicone     Rubber offers long life within this temp range and will not crack, crumble or go hard under these temperature conditions.

Tensile strength, elongation and compression set are not significantly affected within this operating temperature.  Average tensile strength for 40 Shore A hardness rubber is 1000 PSI (6.89 Mpa) to 965 PSI (6.65 Mpa) for 60 Shore A rubber, with an elongation range of 165% to 500%.

Chemical resistance t   o mineral oils, weak acids and alkalies is outstanding, making Silicone Rubber the ideal choice for food applications, especially where rubber may need repeated sterilizing or is in contact with additives or preservatives.

Electric properties are excellent, with high dielectric strength.

Please feel free to contact our Sales Office if you have any queries regarding the suitability of  JEHBSIL Silicone Rubber for your application.


JEHBSIL Silicone Rubber is virtually impervious to Ultra Violet Light.

JEHBSIL Silicone Rubber has resistance to nicking and tearing.  For these applications, it is recommended that High Strength or Ultra High Strength Silicone Rubber be used.

JEHBSIL Silicone Rubber has resistance to solvent, fuel or high strength acids and alkalies.  It is recommended that Fluorosilicone Rubber be used when these situations occur.

JEHBSIL Silicone Rubber sponge could be used for low pressure seals where large gap variations occur or a lot of compression is required.