GeoScan – A Name You Can trust for Underground Location Services in Victoria.

Welcome to GeoScan, a leading service provider in the fields of utility location, geophysical investigation, site assessment and many more.

We serve some of the most reputed names in and around Melbourne for utility damage prevention and hassle-free project completion.

Our Services:
• Underground cable fault detection
• Concrete scanning
• Ferrous metal detection
• Ground penetrating radar imaging
• Underground pipe and cable location and more

Our Expertise:
We continuously help local government authorities, civil engineers, contractors, surveyors, road and rail authorities and industry players from different verticals in complete assessment which is necessary for completing different types of projects.

Why Choose Us?
We have experience, knowledge, latest technologies, advanced instruments and equipment, trained staff and emergency response system to fulfill your needs anytime and anywhere in the region.

Got a utility task in Melbourne? Contacts us right now at 0417 309 710 and we'll take care of it right away!