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  1.  'S' Type load cells suitable for both tension and compression applications. Capacities range from 20kg to 5000kg. Construction materials are aluminium (low capacity) and tool steel.

  2. Fully stainless steel load cell and restraint combination suitable for weighing applications where the size or profile of the weighing vessel could lead to instability. 30 tonne capacity. High strength, maximum safety.

  3. LCM-13 Load cells are stainless steel shearbeams suitable for use on platform scales, hopper scales, bagging scales and all other weighing applications.

  4.  The PM Onboard Loadcells, model 30870 and the optional Twistlock assemblies are ideal for fast and accurate weighing of shipping containers. The loadcells are mounted on the truck chassis and the shipping container is locked onto the loadcells by...

  5. Loadcells and loadcell mounting kits to suit all loadcell and weighing applications are available from Accuweigh – Australia’s largest industrial weighing company. Loadcells of all brands and types are available from Accuweigh’s branches in all...

  6. The CPJ is able to run up to 4 strain gauge loadcells (350 ohams). With 4 or 6 wire load cells. Avalabile, as card only, card with din rail mount or in an IP65 waterproof housing. The CPJ2S comes standard with 2 set point relays.

  7. KA125S 125kg Stainless steel shear beam load cell.

  8. R10X (1 ton ~ 100 ton)Low profile compression load cell made of stainless steel and hermetically welded sealed to IP68. It's low profile design and easy installation make it ideally suited for any industrial weighing application..

  9. 25 / 35 Ton, Double ended shear beam tool steel load cell, electroless nickel plated, with constraining mounting kit. Ideal for heavy silo, bin and tank weighing applications. Insensitive to axial loads and bending movements.

  10. KA7500N 7500kg Alloy tool nickel coated shear beam load cell.