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  1.  100 Set Points, Multi Speed or Multi Product, In Flight Compensation, Loss in Weight Available. Features of AD 4325 Digital Indicator:

  2. A process control indicator capable of controlling conveyor systems, in motion applications, batching and filling. Fully configurable I/O represents maximum flexibility.

  3. Stainless Steel, IP-65 protection from dust and moisture. Bright green V.F.D 20mm (height). Bracket standard. 1/20,000 display resolution. NMI Approved for trade use.

  4. This purpose built Animal weighing indicator, has all the basic functions you would expect from an indicator, such as RS232 serial port, internal recharageable battery as well as mains power via a power pack and the abilty to run off 12VDC battery..

  5. The KA8201 stainless steel digital load cell simulator has these advantages, such as handed framework, Liquid crystal display and rechargeable cell supplying, Convenient weight conversion, good distinguish abilty and high accuracy.

  6. Compact panel mounted indicator, with LED display,with RS23, RS485 and two set point confiurations avalaible as standard. Options include, 4-20 Analog out and Profibus.

  7. A power and versatile weighing indicator Oiml approved for resolution up to 10,000d in single range or 3 x 3000d in multiple ranges. Avaiable in desk top (painted or stainless) and panel mount configurations with LCD display.

  8. Din rail mounted 4 independent channel indicator. With RS232, RS485, Analog & RS485 Profibus configurations avaliable.

  9. Nicad recharagable battery and AC mains powered LCD display indicator with RS232 displaying: Gross weight, net weight, tare weight, extra units, counting mode, peak hold, percent style. With 50,000 external resolution counts and 500,000 internal.

  10. This small but well equiped indicator has an LED display, RS232 serial port, Peak Hold & Kg/Lb conversion. With 30,000 external resolution counts and 500,000 internal counts. Comes supplied with mounting bracket.