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  1. Handheld Precision IR Thermometers. The Only Certified Accurate NIST Traceable Infrared Temperature Instruments in the World.

  2. Why "shoot" at hot spots one shot at a time with an IR gun, when you can scan them with rapid automatic "fire"?

  3. For many key businesses the consequences of a sudden unexpected power failure can result in severe financial/ safety costs. The need for continuous monitoring and reporting of all key components has been a desire that until now could not be met.

  4. The most reliable non contact temperature sensors on earth. No active electronics, so these passive devices can not fail. Mean Time Between Failure reports have been documented with a rate of > 1,000 years between failures

  5. Plug and play, linearized, precise accuracy, with integral design which eliminates thermal drift. No leakage current, impedance, or cold junction compensation to worry about.

  6. For those special applications where mounting is impossible with standard sized sensors, the micro IRt/c can go places no other IR sensors have gone before, with the same high performance as all of the IRt/c products.

  7. Reduce scrap in your manufacturing process. Detect the presence of hot objects (such as hot melt adhesive, labels, laser engravings, seals, and pressed fit parts) with the photo-cell like, thermally sensitive, fast thermal switch.

  8. A two-in-one thermometer for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians. Providing precision contact and non-contact temperature measurements by combining infrared and thermocouple K techniques.

  9. A combination of Hart's former Calibrate-it and Generate-it software, MET/TEMP II interfaces with Fluke's industry leading asset management software, to provide a complete system for temperature calibration and equipment management. .

  10. Fluke Australia - Fluke has introduced four new models to its line of infrared (IR) thermometers. The Fluke 62 Mini is a convenient general-purpose non-contact thermometer.