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  1. A new line of SureGrip professional test equipment accessories designed to improve gripping ability and reduce the chance of probes slipping from your hand or off the component.

  2. Homes, offices, hospitals, and factories depend on electronic devices, and electronic devices depend on good power quality.

  3. Rugged, easy-to-use multi-function insulation resistance tester has everything technicians need. The 1550 MegOhmMeter™ combines insulation resistance testing up to 5000 V with measurement storage and PC interface software.

  4. With the striking design of the Fluke 330 Series, we've taken a new look at the way you make current measurements. The result is a new, ergonomic concept, shaped to fit your hand and to access tight spots easily.

  5. Fluke Australia - Portable instrument’s unique, one-handed operation gives technicians a free hand. Fluke Corporation, the world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools, has introduced the Fluke 707 Loop Calibrator.

  6. Latest handheld tool integrates DMM with a loop calibrator and 24-volt loop power supply for plant technicians.

  7. The world’s leading supplier of test and measurement equipment accessories, introduces a completely new line of accessories kits for popular Fluke digital multimeters (DMMs)

  8. Intended for use in dark job environments, the battery-powered Fluke L205 easily clips to the brim of the users’ baseball-style hat and lights the area immediately in front of the user.

  9. Fluke Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of test and measurement equipment, introduces a series of probe lights and probe extenders in four new configurations.

  10. Fluke Australia - For plant MRO, electrical and electronic environments. Designed for comfort, ergonomic support and durability. Can be used safely in both CAT III and CAT IV settings