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  1. Miniature Piezo-resistive pressure transducer enables precision measurement of absolute pressure even under high temperaturefeaturing extraordinary linearity and repeatability with no hysteresis

  2. Digital Gauge or Digital Manometer is an online device measuring accurate positive gauge pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum (negative) pressure and differential pressures.

  3. OEM pressure sensing elements are supplied for manufacturers’ selection to integrate with their own compensation electronics to adapt to specific utilization and applications.

  4. Pressure Switch provides on-off switching capability when a certain pressure is reached on its input. The switches make electrical contact to open, close or adjust an internal contact based on a previously programmed level of functioning

  5. Prescale Measurement Films can measure pressure, pressure distribution and pressure balance accurately. Prescale pressure film mono-sheet is as thin as 100µm, enabling measurement of extremely low pressure.

  6. Draft Range Pressure Transmitter

    Bestech Australia has partnered with Validyne Engineering providing low to ultra-low differential pressure transducers and transmitters.

  7. High Line Pressure Differential Sensor P365D

    The Validyne P365D High Line Pressure Differential Transducer exclusively supplied by Bestech Australia is designed to take low differential pressure measurements at a high static line pressure.

  8. LEO 5 Stainless Steel High Resolution Manometer

    Based on the success of LEO Record and LEX1 digital pressure gauge, the new LEO 5 features an IP66 rated robust SS enclosure that combines contemporary microcontroller-based electronics and capacitive-touch controls. LEO 5 is operated through the...

  9. Oil-free Differential Pressure Transducer

    The AST5300 wet/wet differential pressure transducer from Bestech Australia is to be used in Explosion-Proof and Non-Incendive areas, featuring all 316L and Inconel X750 material.

  10. Validyne P61 Differential Pressure Transmitter

    The Validyne Model P61 Digital Pressure Transducer is a digital differential pressure transmitter primarily designed for industrial pressure measurement.