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  1. Piezoresistive Accelerometers design for high frequency, high g shock measurement. A piezoresistive accelerometer takes advantage of the resistance change of piezoresistive materials to covert mechanical strain to a DC output voltage.

  2. Piezoelectric Accelerometers are made of piezoceramics, single crystals, or, for high-temperature operation, tourmaline or lithium niobate featuring high frequency and temperature range while low weight in package.

  3. Isotron® IEPE-type voltage mode accelerometers features an integral electronic impedance converter eliminating the need for an external charge amplifier. An IEPE accelerometer has a fixed amplitude range.

  4. Variable Capacitance (VC) Accelerometers are dominant product of MEMS for both research field and sales market.

  5. Strain gauge based accelerometers use strain gauges acting as arms of a full Wheatstone bridge to convert mechanical strain to a DC output voltage that varies with the applied acceleration.

  6. BeanDevice® SmartSensor Series: Wireless accelerometer/ tilt sensors

    BeanDevice® SmartSensor series contain tri-axial wireless accelerometers, single and bi-axial inclinometers. The sensors are perfect for measurement on embedded equipment for inertia, movement, vibration analysis and structural health.

  7. Gyros

    Gladiator Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of world class high performance MEMS Gyros & Accelerometers, Systems and Integrated GPS based on their over 100 years experiences.

  8. Lightweight Piezoresistive Accelerometer Endevco® 727

    Bestech Australia introduces the new extremely lightweight piezoresistive accelerometer Endevco® 727 designed for accurate shock measurement during drop testing of consumer electronic devices, among other shock and impact testing environments.

  9. Surface mounting miniature accelerometer 1521

    Bestech Australia presents Silicon Designs single axis surface mount digital/analogue accelerometers.