Industry Update knows Test Measurement and Instrumentation!

Every business has the need to measure specific parameters? Whether you need to measure sound or ensure that your gas fittings are sealed, your measurement and instrumentation needs are imperative. Test Measurement and Instrumentation queries need to be addressed quickly and responsively and Industry Update will help to answer questions such as:

  • How do I measure the static in my warehouse?
  • Does the decibel level meet the OHS requirements for my employees?
  • What is the most efficient AC sensor?

Your Test Measurement and Instrumentation questions are important and we make solutions easy to find.  We ensure manufacturers are connected with the vendors, products and services they need. Our database will connect you with suppliers such as:

  • FES
  • Hare & Forbes

Test Measurement and Instrumentation services and providers are listed here on the Industry Update website for you to connect with. Once you locate the vendor you would like to contact, you can connect with them through our “Contact Details” button.  You will find their website and phone numbers there and you can send them a message directly through the “Send Request” button. It’s easy as 1-2-3.


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  1. Features Concentric Circles with 1mm pitch

  2. Features Used for zero adjustment of Outside Micrometers Flat, lapped measuring ends Fitted with heat insulation block Accuracy Measuring Faces 0.3µm Parallelism 2µm

  3. Measurement Applications Where applications require an Indicator with improved water resistance.Features Face diameter 41mm Hardened stainless steel spindle Machine ground rack gear for increased accuracy Remarks: L/H = Limit Hands, R/C = Revolution...

  4. Features Section Chart (0.50 inchesx0.50 inches)

  5. Features Centring Probe allows quick measurement of centre-to-centre distance between holes 1mm to 38mm measureable hole diameter

  6. Features Designed to efficiently check the zero point on Depth Micrometers Supplied with a 25mm Anvil Block AccuracyMain Unit ± (0.001 + L/150000)mm* [ ± (0.00004+L/150000 inches)]* *L=Length to check (mm) [ inches] Anvil Block ± 0.0005mm ( ± 0....

  7. Measurement Applications Conventional size, easy to read Indicator for most general applicationsFeatures Mitutoyo's most popular size Dial Test Indicator Wide range of options available Remarks: R/C = Revolution Counter, J = Jewelled, LH = Limit...

  8. Workpiece Fixtures for Profile Projectors - Series 176/172 Rotary Tables

  9. Features Crossed Lines with 0.25 inches pitch

  10. Features