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  1. Designed to reduce strap to saleable waste FAST! The sale of this waste often offsets industrial bin charges. Strap is easily reduced from a 3 metre (large) industrial bin to a mere 200 litre drum.

  2. Polyester strapping is replacing traditional steel strapping. AWS polyester strapping creates a safer working environment. No sharp edges therefore less likely to cut hands. Polyester strapping is replacing traditional steel strapping

  3. Australian Warehouse Solutions (AWS) is Australia’s exclusive distributor for the FROMM range of plastic strapping tools. The new generation FROMM strapping tools are particularly user friendly and work well with both PET and PP strapping up to 19mm...

  4. The new Wulftec pallet wrappers have arrived in Australia, the features are remarkable. Included is factory-set 250% pre-stretch, load capacity up to 1.8 tonnes and virtually silent operation.

  5. Numerous customers have recently complained about the amount of theft incurred during transit of pallets.With this in mind AWS has recently released Stretchmaster black wrapping film to provide necessary load theft security.

  6. Australian Warehouse Solutions - The OptiLedge is an alternative base for unit loads.

  7. Australian Warehouse Solutions - The new Optiledge system makes use of a lightweight, L-shaped using load transport device as an alternative base for unit loads. OPTILEDGE  -  NEW PLASTIC PALLET

  8. Strapping machines that deliver 1,000,000 cycles without a service -SMB, the best strapping machines in the world are now in stock at Australian Warehouse Solutions in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

  9. Australian Warehouse Solutions - The Sweed Strap Chopper model 510 eliminates dangerous waste, while producing a scrap PET strap, available for re-sale. Sweed Strap Chopper 510 – High volume  

  10. For years, shippers have been trying to force-fit onto pallets, when the more logical, effective and economical method is to do the opposite - make the pallet conform to the size and shape of the goods you are shipping.