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  1. Designed to protect non ferrous metals from rust and corrosion Metalguard® VCI films are extruded plastic films incorporating a proprietary blend of inhibitors designed to protect ferrous, non ferrous metals and multi metal composites from corrosion...

  2. Metalguard® storage bins with corrosion inhibitors incorporated throughout the full thickness of the plastic material. Metalguard® will protect steel, copper, brass, aluminum, galvanised spring and cold rolled steel.

  3. VCI emitters consist of a range of substrate materials to which a proprietary formula has been added to impart long term corrosion prevention properties for the protection of ferrous and non ferrous metal components in confined spaces up to 1.5m ^ 3...

  4. Made on brand new "state of the art" extruders this unique 7-layer pallet wrap has a tough outer layer to prevent punctures and high-stretch inner layers to give performance and strength.

  5. Stretchmaster Premium – Finally quality pallet wrap at a good price! Stretchmaster Premium Pallet Wrap is specifically formulated for stretchwrap equipment with pre-stretch heads.

  6. Prevent pallets from collapsing with Angleboard corner protection. The bottom tier of cartons on a pallet often collapse under the weight of a load. High humitidy or temperature, double stacking or poor packaging techniques are usually the blame

  7. Australian Warehouse Solutions - Stop valuable cargo from being ruined by moisture damage in shipping containers by using MBD-99 Desiccant. Valuable cargo is being ruined by moisture in shipping containers

  8. Australian Warehouse Solutions - Reduce Waste Removal costs using Sweed Chopper 450WM.

  9. The P325 is the latest in German engineered polyester (plastic) strapping tool technology and caters for straps up to 19mm. The P325 is specifically designed to dramatically improve mobile strapping applications.

  10. The solution to cargo damage problem during transit, thus eliminating damage to valuable export