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  1. ConstructionVCI scrim laminate 8x8 denier weave supplied in either polypropelene or high density polyethelene which in turn is extrusion coated to a 70 gsm sack kraft paper. Product is UVand heat stabilized. Laboratory tests result in a 70%...

  2. Polyester strapping is replacing traditional steel strapping. AWS polyester strapping creates a safer working environment. No sharp edges therefore less likely to cut hands. Polyester strapping is replacing traditional steel strapping

  3. Clean up steel strapping safely and remove unwanted excess waste with Sweed Choppers. Once steel strapping is removed from loads, it gets thrown aside

  4. Australian Warehouse Solutions (AWS)stocks and sells all types of strapping including steel, polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) and a complete range of strapping solutions.

  5. Australian Warehouse Solutions - Reduce Waste Removal costs using Sweed Chopper 450WM.

  6. Prevent pallets from collapsing with Angleboard corner protection. The bottom tier of cartons on a pallet often collapse under the weight of a load. High humitidy or temperature, double stacking or poor packaging techniques are usually the blame

  7. Australian Warehouse Solutions (AWS) is Australia’s exclusive distributor for the FROMM range of plastic strapping tools. The new generation FROMM strapping tools are particularly user friendly and work well with both PET and PP strapping up to 19mm...

  8. Australian Warehouse Solutions - The Sweed Strap Chopper model 510 eliminates dangerous waste, while producing a scrap PET strap, available for re-sale. Sweed Strap Chopper 510 – High volume  

  9. The P325 is the latest in German engineered polyester (plastic) strapping tool technology and caters for straps up to 19mm. The P325 is specifically designed to dramatically improve mobile strapping applications.

  10. Plastic Strapping Tools: Zap Strapper III

    This is a battery-operated strapper that requires no seals or buckles & it tensions and seals polypropylene and polyester straps from 10 to 19mm wide in quick time.