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  1. Australian Warehouse Solutions - The OptiLedge is an alternative base for unit loads.

  2. Australian Warehouse Solutions - The new Optiledge system makes use of a lightweight, L-shaped using load transport device as an alternative base for unit loads. OPTILEDGE  -  NEW PLASTIC PALLET

  3. For years, shippers have been trying to force-fit onto pallets, when the more logical, effective and economical method is to do the opposite - make the pallet conform to the size and shape of the goods you are shipping.

  4. Australian Warehouse Solutions - Reduce rquired storage space with the FROMM airpad void fill machine. Save on storage space required for large bags of styrene, simply press the button and produce.

  5. Made on brand new "state of the art" extruders this unique 7-layer pallet wrap has a tough outer layer to prevent punctures and high-stretch inner layers to give performance and strength.

  6. Stretchmaster Premium – Finally quality pallet wrap at a good price! Stretchmaster Premium Pallet Wrap is specifically formulated for stretchwrap equipment with pre-stretch heads.

  7. Australian Warehouse Solutions - Fromm Airpad is an automatic, operator free machine, which produces air cushions from the extra-strong plastic material that is perforated and wound into large rolls. Void fill at the touch of a button

  8. Numerous customers have recently complained about the amount of theft incurred during transit of pallets.With this in mind AWS has recently released Stretchmaster black wrapping film to provide necessary load theft security.

  9. The solution to cargo damage problem during transit, thus eliminating damage to valuable export

  10. Australian Warehouse Solutions - Stop valuable cargo from being ruined by moisture damage in shipping containers by using MBD-99 Desiccant. Valuable cargo is being ruined by moisture in shipping containers