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  1. DURASWITCH MAGNAMOUSE This next-generation technology allows for the integration of cursor control devices into ultra-thin, durable control panels.  

  2. If you require a membrane switch - you MUST consider the Duraswitch Pushgate. Duraswitch PushGate is manufactured by Markit Graphics under license to Duraswitch Industries of Arizona USA.

  3. DURASWITCH THINCODER RT The ThinCoder RT is an ultra-thin, rugged incoder that can be integrated within a Duraswitch Pushgate panel or conventional membrane switch

  4. Selecting an appropriate labelling and badging product is important to ensure that your product remains both functional and attractive throughout its operating life.

  5. In its simplest form a membrane switch comprises of two flexible printed circuits, physically separated by a spacer. When the button is pressed, holes in the spacer allow the two circuits to contact completing the circuit.

  6. Signet's line marking paint is manufactured in Australia by Signet and is the perfect product for marking warehouses, car parks, bitumen or sports grounds.  ;

  7. Our identification technology - Videojet - is the most respected name in automatic on-line identification machinery. Videojet delivers fast, efficient and cost effective solutions to accurately code, mark or identify your products.

  8. Tronics' high speed Publication Labeller is purpose designed for the application of Post-it® Notes and other self adhesive labels used for "post press advertising on printed media".

  9. Videojet's Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) offer intermittent or continuous operation from the same unit, making them flexible to adapt to changing application needs. These printers deliver high quality thermal transfer imaging.

  10. Videojet's range of continuous ink jet (CIJ) products can satisfy your high-speed product coding needs. For code heights from 0.032 inches to 0.48 inches (0.8 mm to 12 mm) and up to 4 lines of print.