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  1. Plastic Strapping Tools: Zap Strapper III

    This is a battery-operated strapper that requires no seals or buckles & it tensions and seals polypropylene and polyester straps from 10 to 19mm wide in quick time.

  2. Pal-evator® Scissor Lift

    Optimum Handling Solutions has developed a new Pal-evator® heavy-duty static scissor lift pallet elevator with a turntable that opens to allow easy spring capacity changes.

  3. SIAT Carton Sealers

    Revolutionise your carton sealing with a new generation SIAT Carton Sealer from Optimum Handling Solutions.

  4. SIAT Pallet Wrappers

    Are you wrapping 10+ pallets per day? Save serious $$$ with our SIAT range of semi-automatic & programmable pallet wrapping machines.

  5. RA-S Rotary Arm Wrapper Semi-Automatic

    Film Carriage belt driven with the following possibilities: Film tension with M mechanical clutch , Film tension with FM electro-magnetic clutch, Film pre-stretch with LP 200% motorizes power pre-stretch

  6. SIAT Pallet Wrappers

    Save serious $$$ with our SIAT range of semi-automatic & programmable pallet wrapping machines.

  7. SIAT RA12/10 fully automatic stretch wrapper

    The SIAT RA12/10 from Optimum Handling Solutions is a fully automatic stretch wrapper with rotating arm.

  8. SIPA of Veneto, Italy, a global leader of Packaging and PET Plastics Machinery, have released two new machines, the ECS SP80 & ECS SP50, that SIPA officials say now fill the last gap in their produc

  9. Effytec of Barcelona Spain, have transformed the sealing of Food Pouches with their patented QUATRO sealing system for stand up pouches on their range of horizontal pouch machines.

  10. New to the AX series product group are the AX 450 and the AX 550, with which KraussMaffei can offer all-electric injection molding machines expanded for greater clamping force of 4,500 kN or 5,500 kN.