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  1. VCI papers consist of a range of chemically treated papers which provide a proven, highly effective means of protecting ferrous and non ferrous metals from rust and corrosion in storage and shipment. Method of ProtectionThe vapour given off by the...

  2. Conforming wrap is a flexible, greaseproof waterproof barrier material that enables the wrapping of irregular shaped items. It is most suitable for gas valves, water pipes, sprinkler system valves, steel parts packed for both local and overseas...

  3. It is a contact inhibitor which when applied to the metal surface forms a a highly polar microscopic Platelets a “fish scale” like structure which provides a soft butvirtually impenetrable moisture barrier.

  4. ConstructionVCI scrim laminate 8x8 denier weave supplied in either polypropelene or high density polyethelene which in turn is extrusion coated to a 70 gsm sack kraft paper. Product is UVand heat stabilized. Laboratory tests result in a 70%...

  5. Rust preventative grease 15g tube. A specialized grease designed for auto conversion kits where the need to protect a drilled part on a car exists, also as a general purpose grease.

  6. Designed to protect ferrous metals from rust and corrosion. Ferro- Film® VCI covers a range of extruded plastic films incorporating a proprietary blend of inhibitors designed to protect ferrous metals from corrosion. Most films are heat sealable.

  7. A new low film weight silicone mould release especially formulated for the plastics injection moulding industry. It is also most suitable as a release agent in rubber moulds and has general anti-stick properties.

  8. Designed to protect non ferrous metals from rust and corrosion Metalguard® VCI films are extruded plastic films incorporating a proprietary blend of inhibitors designed to protect ferrous, non ferrous metals and multi metal composites from corrosion...

  9. Metalguard® storage bins with corrosion inhibitors incorporated throughout the full thickness of the plastic material. Metalguard® will protect steel, copper, brass, aluminum, galvanised spring and cold rolled steel.

  10. VCI emitters consist of a range of substrate materials to which a proprietary formula has been added to impart long term corrosion prevention properties for the protection of ferrous and non ferrous metal components in confined spaces up to 1.5m ^ 3...