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  1. Heavy media processes employ media such as finely ground magnetite or ferrosilicon to adjust the density of water and separate products that float from product that sinks. .

  2. Ohio-Stearns Magnets suspended over conveyors recover what is known as 'tramp iron' so that valuable (and vulnerable) downstream equipment such as crushers or screens are protected and plant up-time maximised.

  3. Product Name: Down-hole Recovery or Retrieval Magnet   Product Code: D300 Rec-Mag.   Applications: Designed to recover costly drills and cutters from geological drill holes and oil wells. Re-inforced unit pictured, designed for deep underwater use.

  4. Recover ‘Tramp Iron’ from conveyed products such as coal and mineral ores in order to protect downstream processing equipment such as crushers, sizers and screens.

  5. Considerable staining, dents and starching. Suitable for fire fighting and tree watering. Units have been cleaned and decontaminated but because of age and condition we cannot establish previous use.

  6. Industrial Chemical Tanks

  7. Liquid Chemical Cartage Tanks

  8. Mobibunds are a containment spill pallet designed to hold 200lts of product . Suitable for all types of chemicals and made from 100% recycled plastic.

  9. CCR Plascon is a leading provider of reconditioned 200lt PE containers. As an approved recycler of plastic containers, CCR Plascon offers containers to the food and chemical industry as well as farmers, hobbyist and nurseries.

  10. Aquaculture