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  1. The HPE series from Yawei Nisshinbo is the latest in Turret Punch Presses from this premier manufacturer. A technology partnership between Yawei and Nisshinbo to produce these servo driven CNC turret punch presses has been a massive success.

  2. The new range of Pro-Plas CNC Plasma Cutting Systems are all powered by Hypertherm plasma sources and produce a quality cut that must be seent to be believed.

  3. Insert Press The 'Haeger' inserting machines are equipped with automatic bowl feeders and automatic tool changing to ensure minimal loading time.

  4. Automated Panel Bending The P4 Panel Bender is a highly intelligent, extremely efficient bending cell —combining universal tooling, responsive software and agile material handling into a single operation. Whether imported as a new CAD drawing or...

  5. Advance Metal Products Powder Coating line has a 6 stage pre-treatment providing an iron phosphate coating to help prevent corrosion, 10 Nordson Auto Powder Application Guns and manual guns for rapid colour changes. An infra red curing oven reduces...

  6. Metal Linishing Advance Metal Products has a fully extracted linishing cell to reduce cross-contamination from job to job with electric cranes and automatic lifting equipment to produce accurate finishing requirements within minimal times. Timesaver...

  7. Automated Stud Welding Our stud welding equipment, with outstanding quality and performance features opens new dimensions in the field of stud welding technology enabling fully automatic welding of studs and pins. Manual Stud Welding Manual guns...

  8. Farley LaserLab Australia is working together with the Hypertherm USA and AUS Teams to give customers the latest in High Definition Plasma Cutting which is syncing Farley LaserLab's proven reliability in building heavy duty industrial machines wit

  9. Only Australian Made machine at this budget - heavier duty, newer technology and faster cutting than the competition at the same price - so why go elsewhere?

  10. To accommodate nearly any commercial or industrial need, Swift Metal Services has manufacturing capabilities that include non-standard square and rectangular washers.