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  1. The innovative aspect of these sensors is their use of a short wavelength of 405 nm. The special characteristics of this wavelength range enable the sensors to be used in conditions where measurements have not been pra

  2. CNC laser profiling machines, cutting aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel of a thickness between .5mm  up to 25 mm

  3. The Super Turbo-X Champion marks a new era in laser design. Its modular construction incorporates the newest Mazak technology at an affordable price. You can perform continuous cutting, without changing lenses or nozzles and more

  4. Profile Cutting Systems is committed to providing excellence. That is why, with great pleasure we announce the arrival of our newest machine. The PCS FineLine.

  5. An overview of our base model Profile Cutting Machine from Profile Cutting Systems. Tracing Range of PCS 1200 Profile Cutting Machine:

  6. ALL POSITION DRIVES Convenient all position drive attachments allow cutting from any position in any direction. Heavy-duty stainless steel is used for Handy Auto drive parts and accessories.

  7. Key Features of PCS 1500 Profile Cutting Machine:Compact Flexible Reliable AffordableSpecifications - PCS1500

  8. Portable Single Purpose Cutting Machine. Automatically and accurately flame cuts a wide range of circle sizes.

  9. PCS-4500HD / P Gas / Plasma Cutting Machine

    The PCS Heavy Duty range is a full portal design machine: the plates to be cut are place in between the rails.

  10. All functions controlled by forward/ off/reverse switch, clutch lever and speed adjustment knob. Versatility and convertability inherent in the design ensure all types of straight line, cirde, and bevel cutting are simply performed.