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  1. The innovative aspect of these sensors is their use of a short wavelength of 405 nm. The special characteristics of this wavelength range enable the sensors to be used in conditions where measurements have not been pra

  2. CNC laser profiling machines, cutting aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel of a thickness between .5mm  up to 25 mm

  3. The Super Turbo-X Champion marks a new era in laser design. Its modular construction incorporates the newest Mazak technology at an affordable price. You can perform continuous cutting, without changing lenses or nozzles and more

  4. Portable, Automatic All-Position Gas Cutting Machine For Quick Precise Cuts. Flat or multi-plane surfaces, the IK-72T can cut various types of steel shapes.

  5. The IK-82 Series are the most advanced magnetic tracing type gas cutters on the market. Effective modular structure greatly reduces equipment weight, and ensures ease of operation.

  6. The IK600 is a two-foot wide by either two or four feet long optical trace-cutting machine. The IK600 machine supports oxy/fuel and plasma cutting processes; the maximum tool load on the machine is two tools.

  7. Auto Picle-S is a remote control gas motorized pipe cutting machine. The optional special rail for torch tip guidance system provides high cutting accuracy and make the AUTO PICLE-S particularly suitable for large pipes.

  8. Clean Cuts Are Automatic With the FineLine 100PCClean, smooth edges. Tight tolerances. Speed. Consistency. They're what you get with the FineLine 100PC precision plasma cutting system. We've even given it a brain.

  9. When you select the BURNY 10 LCD Shape-Cutting Motion Control, you are taking advantage of many of the same industry leading software features as with the advanced BURNY 10, only packaged in a compact and economical new platform.

  10. Introducing the latest in plasma cutting technology, the ProLine 2200! The new ProLine 2200 is a full-function, precision, 200 amp high current density plasma system that combines precise, square, and dross-free cuts with excellent speeds