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  1. Order Code: W874 cs-55 - Circular Plunge & Mitre Cut Saw - Package (240V)55mm Depth CapacityØ160mm Blade  

  2. Sawing structurals and tubing.

  3. These saws provide exceptionally high torque at low speeds for unmatched productivity and operating economy. They use a wider, 1-1/2” (41mm) saw blade that provides greater beam strength and larger tooth gullet capacity than saws in this class.

  4. Tin Coating help provides for maximum blade life and resistance to abrasion. Features Hard 83 Rc coating Low surface friction Benefits Extends edge life Less heat and chip welding

  5. High Production Carbide Sawing Center maximizes the high cutting rates attainable with carbide tipped band tools. Precision ball screws precisely control saw head down feed rates and material indexing positioning for pin point accurate cuts

  6. Carbon blade with a hard back for all contour and cut-off machines. Features Hard back Hardened tooth tip Benefits Resists scoring and heavy feed pressure Extended cutting life

  7. These saws feature a full 26” (660 mm) cutting capacity and are available in 3 models with manual or automatic numerical control and a stationary or swivel base for production sawing of all materials including structurals and solids

  8. Friction sawing of ferrous metals. Features Abrasive media blasted High silicon alloy high carbon steel Special wide set tooth Benefits Longer fatigue life Increased wear resistance Faster friction cutting

  9. These huge double column cut-off saws are available in both manual and automatic, numerically controlled models. Both models are designed for high production cutting of a wide variety of materials and are available with optional motorized conveyors

  10. General purpose sawing. Features Flexible back Hardened tooth tip Benefits Resists shattering Extended cutting life