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  1. Rotomould construction which means plastic construction is heavy duty, Flanges are robust.

  2. Jib Cranes - Freestanding or Floor Mounted

    Work Station Jib Cranes are ideal substitutes for heavy I-Beam Jib Cranes.

  3. Double Pallet Dispensers

    The Double Stack Hook Tyne Pallet Dispenser incorporates two separate pallet hoppers one for each stack.

  4. Binsert

    Binsert is highly effective at reducing the risk of injury in laundries and other workplaces when loading and unloading goods from bins.

  5. Tandem Palift

    Palift automatically keeps the pallet or stillage load at the optimum working height when loading or unloading goods.

  6. Safetech Pallet Inverter

    Pallet Inverters are used for the rotation of pallet loads where exchange of pallets or inversion of product is required.

  7. Cranes and Hoists - Gorberl Workstation Monorail Cranes

    Safetech have released a new range of Gorbel Monorail cranes that provide all of the well recognised features and benefits of the Gorbel workstation cranes in a monorail.

  8. Scissor Lifts - 10 tonne plus

    Safetech's 10 tonne plus Scissor Lift Table range provides specialised scissor lifts for customers with very large loads.

  9. Spring Operated - Tilt Stand

    Safetech Spring Tilter is an ideal way to fully and easily de-canter liquid from containers.

  10. Pallet Handling - Double Pallet Dispenser

    Safetech Double Pallet Dispensers in contrast to a normal Pallet Dispenser allows the user to select from two stacks of pallets. Each stack can contain up to 25 pallets which provides 50 pallet storage in a Double Dispenser.