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  1. Mezzanine Safety Gate

    This safety pallet gate is cost effective & most efficient at protecting personnel working on & accessing pallets on mezzanine floors.

  2. Mesh Pallet Racking Shelves

    MantaMESH enhances the flexibility of standard pallet racking.

  3. Library Shelving Systems & Archive Shelving Systems - Mediatek

    Bosco provides dedicated resources to assist in the selection, design, set up of and manufacture of your archive and library shelving systems

  4. Maxi Rack

    A strong & versatile long span shelving system that is ideal for storage of small items to long bulky items.

  5. Mega Rack

    A selective pallet racking system seen as the most popular and economical form of pallet racking

  6. Pallet Racking for Palletized Storage. New and Used available.

  7. Adjustable Display shelving, large range of different sizes and accessories.

  8. Rivet Shelving - This Long Span shelving is used for warehouse storage, archive storage, Excess Stock Storage. All light weight applications. Many different sizes available to suit all storage needs.

  9. Cantilever Racking. I deal for storing long and awkward products. Light and Heavy Duty available.

  10. Bulk Storage. Ideal for Storage Cold Rooms and areas where there are multiple pallets of one product.