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  1. Storage of light goods for manual picking, creation of two tier installations. The Super 123 series is a highly versatile product satisfying the broadest needs of light storage requirements

  2. Cantilever racking suited for light to medium storage requirements. SUPERCANT is METALSISTEM's cantilever racking system designed to suit the needs of Clients with medium to light storage requirements.

  3. Characteristics:Long span shelving suited for manual picking .

  4. The Sidac brand is positioned in the sales area segment of the market offering a wide range of advanced solutions destined to anything from small sales outlets to large hypermarkets.

  5. A raised storage area is the fast and cost effective way to double existing floor space without the expense of moving. The flexibility of design allows easy relocation or expansion to meet future storage requirements.

  6. Long Span Shelving is the ideal solution for storing large, long or bulky items to be accessed by hand. These versatile structures are safe, easily installed, and very economical.

  7. Storage Cupboards CHS

  8. Mobile ladder with winch operated load lifting table Eliminates the dangerous practice of carrying items up or down a ladder Enables picking, shelf stocking and transporting of loads up to 50 kilograms Improves productivity through more efficient...

  9. These standard kits are made up of the most commonly used perfo accessories. All items are manufactured from steel and are zinc plated to give a long corrosion resistant life. Securely fastened to panel in seconds with perfolock clips. Can be...

  10. Slope Top Cupboards