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  1. A work bench, tool cart, and tear-down table all in one package

  2. Backing panels can be assembled to suit your requirements, either top or bottom positions

  3. Industrial steel racking which is supplied in bays 1955mm (L) x 610mm (W) x 1830mm (H) with a silver corrosive resistant powder coated finish.

  4. Mesh Pallet Racking System

    MantaMESH enhances the flexibility of standard pallet racking. Available in a range of sizes to suit most rack types, it offers a host of advantages over conventional timber and chipboard shelves.

  5. Modular Shelving: SSI Schaefer R3000

    Schaefer’s multifunctional, R3000 modular, metric, flexible, shelving system is organised productivity like none other in the world.

  6. Optima Racks

    Our Optima Racks are clean, versatile, sturdy, easily accessible, supplied in a plated finish.

  7. Polypropylene Lockers

    All metal components are stainless so they are rust free. They are also, strong, stable, light, impact resistant and capable of modularly interlocking & are easily relocated.

  8. Racking Supported Mezzanines

    With our racking supported platforms the usable space is practically doubled.

  9. Cantilever Racking

    Cantilever racking is the ideal solution for storage of oversized goods & longer items such as bars, tubes, rolled sections,light plastic tubing, steel pipes,profiles,wooden planks,up to massive coils, sheets, panels or other bulky items.

  10. SSI Schaefer Interspan Adjustable Shelving

    Commonly referred to as longspan shelving, SSI SCHAEFER Interspan racking systems, facilitate the storage of bulky items & are suitable for larger capacity shelving applications.