Safe and durable racking and shelving is a key ingredient to efficient operations, enabling businesses to access goods with ease and to maximize available warehouse space. Pallet racking is a common denominator cutting across the diversity of the manufacturing industry and is fundamental to any modern warehousing, storage and distribution system.


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  1. SSI Schaefer R3000 - Modular Automotive Shelving

    Special automotive storage for body parts and difficult items such as windscreens, tyres, mufflers etc are also available.

  2. SSI Schaefer R3000 Modular Shelving

    Schaefer’s multifunctional, R3000 modular, metric, flexible, shelving system is organised productivity like none other in the world.

  3. Racking Supported Mezzanines

    With our racking supported platforms the usable space is practically doubled.

  4. SSI Schaefer Satellite Storage & Retrieval System

    SCHAEFER Satellite System (SSS) is a remote storage/retrieval device that offers maximum warehouse floor utilization of up to 80+%.

  5. Mobile Shelving System - The Maxitek™ range includes both mobile & static shelvi

    Maxitek™ mobile storage shelving system available from Bosco Storage Solutions is a tailored storage solution offering space optimisation, efficiency and operator convenience.

  6. SSI Schaefer Selective Pallet Racking

    SSI Schaefer Interlock 600 selective Pallet Racking system enables products to be placed and removed without interfering with other pallets and a wide variety of versatile configurations can be achieved.

  7. New Vacugrip technology for palletising and depalletising available through HBM Plastics & Packaging.

  8. Pallet Inverters

    The King Pallet Inverter uses no hydraulics. It is a clean and quiet rotator of pallets.

  9. Quick Stak, Smart Stackers


  10. Adjustable Display shelving, large range of different sizes and accessories.