Safe and durable racking and shelving is a key ingredient to efficient operations, enabling businesses to access goods with ease and to maximize available warehouse space. Pallet racking is a common denominator cutting across the diversity of the manufacturing industry and is fundamental to any modern warehousing, storage and distribution system.


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  1. Pavo Bookcase

    The Pavo bookcase features a chrome cross brace, providing structural integrity and eliminating the need for a solid back panel.

  2. SSI Schaefer Drive In/Drive Through Racking

    SSI Schaefer develops individual raised storage area platforms according to your special requirements.

  3. Clean & Cold Room Shelving

    Strong, clean, durable, corrosionresistant bright zinc finish, with easy installed, wire shelves.

  4. Plastic Pallet

    These are rugged one-piece recyclable plastic construction, for weights up to 1000kg on the fork and up to 4000kg when stacked.

  5. SSI Schaefer LS600 Long Span Adjustable Shelving

    Commonly referred to as long span shelving, SSI SCHAEFER LS600 racking systems, facilitate the storage of bulky items and are suitable for larger capacity shelving applications especially multi tier applications.

  6. Mezzanine Floors

    SSI Schaefer develops individual raised storage area platforms according to your special requirements

  7. Powered Pallet Truck

    A gutsy 2000Kg battery electric 24V/200Ah D.C. pallet truck, with European made electronic controls for drive & lift.

  8. SSI Schaefer Pallet Live Storage

    Working on the principle of "parts to the picker", the Live Storage system provides excellent volume utilization on First-In First-Out (FIFO) principle.

  9. Mezzanine Safety Gate

    This safety pallet gate is cost effective & most efficient at protecting personnel working on & accessing pallets on mezzanine floors.

  10. Protect-it™ Pallet Racking Column Protection

    Protect-it™ column protection devices are cost-effective for racking protection as warehouse rack damage is a major occupational health and safety issue.