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  1. Safetech Side Shift De-palletiser

    The Side Shift De-Palletiser’s unique versatility means no more moving of drums by hand.

  2. Pallet Truck with Scale

    This pallet jack is both a handler & weigher in one unit.

  3. Hand Pallet Jacks

    Our robust range of pallet jacks, come in many configurations & materials.

  4. SSI Schaefer Selective Pallet Racking

    Schaefer “i-600” selective racking (the “i” is for intelligent) system enables product to be placed and removed without interfering with other pallets & a wide variety of versatile configurations can be achieved.

  5. Plastic Pallet

    These are rugged one-piece recyclable plastic construction, for weights up to 1000kg on the fork and up to 4000kg when stacked.

  6. Polyethylene Low Profile Spill Control Pallets

    These pallets are ideal for corrosive fluids & resistant to solvents, acids and caustics.

  7. Pallet Exchanger Tilter

    Pallets may be loaded/unloaded with hand pallet trucks where it is imperative to create a “forklift free” zone.

  8. Powered Pallet Truck

    A gutsy 2000Kg battery electric 24V/200Ah D.C. pallet truck, with European made electronic controls for drive & lift.

  9. Push Back Racking Systems are the ideal storage solution for applications involving multiple pallets of the same stock inventory. Multiple pallet loads of the same product are stored two, three or four deep on a slight upward incline.

  10. Noble Trading’s Cantilever Racking is a cost effective system for applications involving storing long, irregular and awkwardly-shaped items.