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  1. Maxi Palift

    Maxi Palift is ideal for heavier pallets. It automatically keeps the pallet or stillage load at the optimum working height when loading or unloading goods - reducing injuries and increasing productivity.

  2. Manual Easy Wrapper

    Easy Wrapper is an economical, entry level stretch wrapper designed for hard work.

  3. Stretch Wrapping - Lo Wrapper

    Lo Wrappers unique low 26mm turntable height provides hand pallet truck accessible pallet wrapping.

  4. Stretch Wrapping - Stretch Tape

    Safetech's Stretch Tape Wrapping system provides a real alternative to stretch film for high speed pallet wrapping.

  5. All in One Seal & Shrink Systems

    Simply by lowering the hood our compact Uni Pack systems will seal and shrink or just seal books, videos, toiletries, food products etc. on the spot.

  6. Carton Taping Machines

    We have a great range of carton sealers which are economical to run and simple to operate.

  7. Horizontal Stretch Wrappers

    Our LineaWrap horizontal stretch wrappers offer fast and secure wrapping of long products, whatever the shape, even if not well defined.

  8. Octopus Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrappers

    The Octopus fully automatic, in line, stationary, pallet stretch wrappers, rotate a wrapping ring at high speed around the pallet load, operating at between 0-80 pallets per hour depending on the model, pallet height, and wrapping programme selected.

  9. Pallet Shrink Gas Gun

    This hand held gas gun, easily & quickly, shrinks poly pallet bags & tubes, ensuring safe & secure pallet stabilisation.

  10. Powered Turntable

    Save money, space & time with the "Rippa-Rappa" a fully portable pallet stretch-wrapping turntable.