Having the right lifting equipment to move material around the warehouse floor is essential to any manufacturing operation. With such an integral role in the overall production and supply line, getting the proper lifting equipment for the task is an important decision. Industry Update Online is here to link you with Australia’s leading suppliers of lifting equipment to facilitate this important purchase.


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  1. This compact single phase Electric Hoist available in Single or Dual Speed, is ideal for lifting small loads that are too heavy to be handled manually.

  2. The EF/SHL range of heavy duty single phase electric hoists are light and compact units with aluminium die-cast bodies that are available in 500kg and 1 tonne capacities.  

  3. EHL Air hoists from Endo Kogyo are fitted with rotary vane motors in strong lightweight aluminium bodies, for easy handling in a variety of industrial and construction applications.

  4. Flexible, powerful and compact.

  5. WORKSTATION HOIST - HandyMaster Electric Chain Hoist

    The HandyMaster is part of the industrial and robust SK series of electric chain hoists and is a perfect combination of compact dimensions and a powerful motor.

  6. ZE Lifting Solutions – Sapelem This lifting solution can handle almost any product in any industry imaginable.   Handle your loads intuitively

  7. Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists are a market leader with a world-wide reputation for excellence in design and construction.

  8. Established in 1975 and with many thousands of new crane installations completed, Millsom Hoists are the natural choice for all your maintenance, service and breakdown needs for hoists, cranes or vacuum lifting equipment.

  9. The HOYER Lifting Units are available in a variety of models with many options.

  10. The range of wire rope hoists have been designed with the following principles: reliability, security, durability, price, easy maintenance & hard work.