Having the right lifting equipment to move material around the warehouse floor is essential to any manufacturing operation. With such an integral role in the overall production and supply line, getting the proper lifting equipment for the task is an important decision. Industry Update Online is here to link you with Australia’s leading suppliers of lifting equipment to facilitate this important purchase.


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  1. This particular jib is mounted to a column which is bolted to the floor through a base plate, and secured to the wall at the top of the column for extra bracing. The wire rope hoist runs on a trolley with nylon wheels.

  2. This jib clamps to a 50mm diameter pole. The pole can be either standard scaffold, or a length of pole can be attached to two brackets which can be screwed to a wall or an existing vertical column.

  3. A range of bulk bag handlers suited to both forklift and crane hoist. Maximum capacity 2000 kg.

  4. I.P. Lifting Clamps are specially fabricated to raise steel drums using an auto rim latching system. The vertical drum clamp version ensures the drum remains vertical at all times during hoisting.

  5. Suited to cargo, pallets, bottles, people, etc. All designed to appropriate codes to suit applications.

  6. Available in any capacity to 20 tonnes. Can be fixed or adjustable width pickup points.

  7. 2 models. 500kg and 1000 kg capacities. Chain wheel and worm drive gearbox enables tilt, and holds securely in any position. Twin duplex chain girth strap with over centre lock and safety pin for utmost security.

  8. OKTOPUS Glass Installation System

    Absolutely safe lifting and transporting of glass panes up to 1250kg via overhead crane.

  9. Handix Clever Control at Hook Hoist

    These 2 speed electric chain hoists have raise/lower controls right where they are needed---at the hook or grab.

  10. Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists

    Hitachi electric chain hoists' reputation for excellence in design and construction has made them extremely popular all over the world.