Having the right lifting equipment to move material around the warehouse floor is essential to any manufacturing operation. With such an integral role in the overall production and supply line, getting the proper lifting equipment for the task is an important decision. Industry Update Online is here to link you with Australia’s leading suppliers of lifting equipment to facilitate this important purchase.


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  1. Quick Lift Arm

    At Last, A Bionic Arm That Lifts And Balances

  2. Quick Lift Rail 125kg

    The Quick-Lift Rail is a clever little lift and balance unit. It takes only 20 grams of effort to lift up to 125kg and operates exactly the same as the Quick-Lift Arm, but with an ability to mount to our Altrac & Gorbel Jibs, Gantry Cranes or...

  3. Safetech Goods Hoists

    These goods hoists, or freight hoists as they are often described, are suitable for mezzanine and multi level applications.

  4. Self Balancing Arm Manipulators

    Electric & Pneumatic, Ergonomic Handling Systems for all Kinds of Materials up to 500Kgs.

  5. Quickstak Logic Lift

    The Smart Stacker, the materials handling solutions that sees!

  6. Redfern Flinn's range of Endo Spring Balancers are ideally suited for suspending welding guns, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic tools, and for supporting assembly components during manufacture.

  7. Ideal for lifting small loads that are too heavy to be handled manually, the EDII range of single phase hoists feature heavy duty motors with automatic load brake and overload clutch for improved safety.

  8. Comprehensive choice of models. Premium quality product range . Products sourced from PWB Anchor approved suppliers . Subject to rigorous PWB quality approval inspection procedures

  9. G-Force - the most sophisticated and intelligent lifting device in the world

  10. The range of wire rope hoists have been designed with the following principles: reliability, security, durability, price, easy maintenance & hard work.