Having the right lifting equipment to move material around the warehouse floor is essential to any manufacturing operation. With such an integral role in the overall production and supply line, getting the proper lifting equipment for the task is an important decision. Industry Update Online is here to link you with Australia’s leading suppliers of lifting equipment to facilitate this important purchase.


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  1. Order Code: C195 FLA-2T - Forklift Jib Attachment W.L.L 2 Tonne  

  2. The GIS Push and Electric Trolleys are the ideal complement to the GIS Electric Chain Hoist for your crane needs.

  3. This GIS model meets the highest standards set for use in industries where combustible gases and dusts are present. The chain hoists are compliant with ATEX directives.

  4. GIS Handy Chain Hoists - both flexible and rigid - are designed to provide greater control with lifting your load.

  5. This specialist product is designed for use in the food industry (for example, cheese production, meat processing), in the chemical industry and in sewage plants. It is highly reliable with standard IP65 protection class.

  6. Electric Chain Hoists: Entertainment Hoists

    GIS climbing and lifting hoists are widely used in the entertainment industry - in theatres, stages and film studios.

  7. Electric Chain Hoists: Low Headroom

    This version is the answer where low ceiling heights prevent the use of normal chain hoists (for example, in older buildings).

  8. Electric Chain Hoists: Synchron

    The Synchron synchronised electric chain hoist is perfect when you need to lift a load in a perfectly horizontal plane.

  9. JDN Flameproof Air Hoists for Industry

    Available from 0.125 to 100 tonne the JDN pneumatic hoists are one of the safest and most cost efficient methods of pulling, lifting or lowering above or below ground where explosive atmospheres may occur.

  10. Little Hoister Compact Lifter

    This lightweight lifter has a strong extruded aluminium mast & nylon, lifting strap. It folds flat for storage & transport & is self-loading.