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  1. Order Code: K032 SR-DSL - Mobile Storage Shelving System with Accessories 3 Shelves / 3 LouversComplete with Accessories

  2. ActiDrum Metal Drum Storage

    Model    Drum capacity (L)             Size (w x d x h) (mm)ADS01      1 x 205                    700 x 700 x 1290ADS02      2 x 205                   1400 x 700 x 1290

  3. Used / second hand KARDEX Shuttle automatic warehousing system

  4. Used Kardex Shuttle XPlus: 

  5. A wide range of small storage boxes are available to store your spare parts or small items. These versatile containers are stackable or easily wall-mounted.

  6. Hanger Rack System Mobile or static configurations Uses Louvre Panel or Square Hole Hanger Boards & Accessories Please contact our Sales Team with your Hanger Rack requirements.

  7. Homestor Cabinets in Galvanised Steel Rodent-proof, Non-warping, Rot-proof, Rust-proof Australian Made Ideal for the Garage / Workshop / Garden Shed Available in many configurations Please contact our Sales Team with your Cabinet requirements.

  8. Louvre Panel 450mm Wide 450 / 900 / 1200 / 1800mm High Hanger Board 900mm Wide Available in Louvre or Square Hole 450mm High Use as single panels or on Hanger Rack System.

  9. Huge range of Plastic Bins & Trays to suit every appplication. Please contact our Sales Team with your Bins & Trays requirements.

  10. SQ Cabinet Heavy Duty Industrial Cabinets Available in over 20 configurations Option up with shelves /drawers / backpanels / plastic bins & trays. Please contact our Sales Team with your Workbench requirements.