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  1. Battery powered work positioner for transporting and positioning loads quicky and easily. These are highly manoeuvrable, lightweight lifts designed to take the strain out of any lifting job from ground level to over shoulder height. Supplied with...

  2.   Patented Side-Shift allows drums to be picked up and placed anywhere on a pallet. This side shift de-palletiser’s unique versatility means no more moving drums by hand. It can handle drums on and off pallets or bunds from any position. Safe: The...

  3. The Newton range of lifters offers a premium quality ergonomic lifting solution that can be fitted with a wide range of accessories that ensures that almost any load up to 250kg can be safely and easily lifted and manoeuvred as required. These...

  4. With a maximum lift capacity of 400 kg. Features adjustable forks with a removableload platform. Hydraulic foot pump allows easy incremental load raising and controlledlowering. Supplied with polyurethane castors — 75mmØ rigid castors at front, plus...

  5. Double Scissor Lift Tables Large Capacity Platform to 100 Tonne

  6. Freight Hoist Heavy DutyCOLUMN / RAIL MOUNTED FREIGHT HOISTS / GOODS HOISTS These lifts use a column mounted to the freight hoist skeleton to attach and elevate the lifting platform.

  7. Goods Hoists Safetech Goods Hoist / Goods Lifts provide users with a simple solution for the transfer of goods between different heights and floors.   

  8. The Light Capacity Mezzanine Lift Model: 250.2. A Modular Mezzanine lifter, designed for low cost installation with Safety Enclosure.