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  1. Porsche Car Lift

    Big boys toys still need love and attention. When a Sydney Porsche car collector needed a hoist to safely lower his cars down into his basement he chose Australia’s leading scissor lift - Safetech.

  2. Goodslifts & Dumbwaiters

    Redfern flinn has designed and manufactured goodslifts for companies as big as Wattyl paints, on time and on budget.

  3. ActiLev Mobile Lift Tables

    Model  Capacity (kg)  Lift Height (mm)  OperationALF15     150                720                 ManualALF30     300                880                 Manual

  4. ActiLift Quikstak

    Turn those injury claims into dollars saved, happier staff and safer working protocol.

  5. EZUP Series air operated lift table. 900 kg capacity at 90 psi

  6. ECONOLIFTP80 Battery electriclifting device

  7. 400kg. capacity, 1100 mm max, lifting

  8. Self levelling, heavy duty pneumatic 1,360 or 2,040kg capacity for surface installation. EZ Loader is fork liftable without the need of an additional option. No fork pockets on sides of the base frame that can be a potential pinch point or tripping...

  9. The Newton range of lifters offers a premium quality ergonomic lifting solution that can be fitted with a wide range of accessories that ensures that almost any load up to 250kg can be safely and easily lifted and manoeuvred as required. These...

  10. With a maximum lift capacity of 400 kg. Features adjustable forks with a removableload platform. Hydraulic foot pump allows easy incremental load raising and controlledlowering. Supplied with polyurethane castors — 75mmØ rigid castors at front, plus...