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  1. Forklift Mezzanine/Goods Cage

    Storage and transport cage suitable for furniture and whitegoods.

  2. Forklift Mounted Cubic Bin Tippers

    Easy to operate, Quick & easy attachment & removal from forklift

  3. Forklift Mounted Sweeper

    Operating costs are a fraction of conventional sweepers. The Cherry Sweeper sweeps large areas completing normally labour intensive cleaning tasks faster (7500sq.metres/ hour) and easier than ever.

  4. Forward Bin Tipper

    Suitable for swift & controlled emptying of containers such as “Chep Palecons”, IBC’s, plastic containers & pallet cages.

  5. Hydraulic Bin Tipper

    The HBT100 Hydraulic Bin Tipper from Optimum Handling Solutions is a hydraulic device for forward tipping of various cubic bins up to 135° rotation.

  6. Lencrow Materials Handling spare parts warehouses are comprehensively stocked and competatively priced.

  7. In today’s demanding materials handling environment, efficiency, reliability and performance are key drivers in ensuring your tasks are completed on-time and on-budget

  8. Retracta-belt magna-mount

    The magna mount is a powdercoated aluminium housing enclosing a 7.6 metre belt (your choice of standard colours including custom screenprinting).

  9. DB-M Non Hydraulic Dirt Bucket

    Slip-on dirt buckets type DB-M for a cleaner work environment.

  10. Work Platform WP-N Safety Cage for Forklifts

    The type WP-N Work platform has been designed to safely carry out tasks of short duration and occasional usage, such as maintenance or stocktake.