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  1. SUMI specialise in the design and manufacture of the range of battery operated electric pedestrian forklifts and pallet trucks for Australian and selected overseas markets.

  2. The Hyster LO2.0 - 2.5 Low Level Order Pickers has been developed to optimise the speed and ease of picking from both sides of a warehouse aisle. The intelligent design combines energy efficiency, reliability and ergonomics.

  3. A versatile standard forklift, the H135-155FT Series is designed for indoor and outdoor use, and is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications such as industrial machinery, lumber yards, sawmills, and general warehousing.

  4. From sweepers & scrubbers to forklifts to big trucks - Adaptalift Hyster has a comprehensive range of products, suited to all types of businesses.

  5. The most compact dedicated empty container handlers in the Hyster range, the H10.00-12.00XM-12EC are designed to handle empty containers up to four high per stack. This delivers a cost-effective solution for lower density handling applications.

  6. The K series order picker with rising cab helps operators to pick individual items at medium to high locations. Available with rail or wire guidance, these models allow the best use of warehouse space and maximise pick face access

  7. The H170-190FT is the newest addition to the Fortis line of standard forklifts from Hyster. Designed for outdoor use, these forklifts offer the power of the 110HP Cummins 3.3L Turbo Diesel engine with full tier 3 certification.

  8. The H18.00-16.00XM(S)-12 series Big Forklifts has 4 models, 2 engine power-outputs and a wide range of standard and optional features on offer, and is one of the most compact heavy duty forklifts available on the market.

  9. H16.00-22.00XM-12EC Series Empty Container Handlers features exceptionally strong mast and frame design to facilitate empty container handling operations up to eight high in a single stack, an effective solution for high density container storage.

  10. The C-Series Combilift is a Multi-directional forklift, ideally suited to handle long loads safely, with greater speed and precision.  Product range is available in both LPG / Gas, Diesel and electric / battery powered engines.