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  1. 4t4 Drum Trolley

    This just has to be the simplest, easiest and safest drum lifter and mover on the market today.

  2. Chain Operated Drum Rotator

    Features hand chain operation to allow the drum to be rotated when lifted above the chest height of the operator.

  3. Drum Management Modules

    This rack is for organized storage of 205 litre drums, as well as dispensing and spill control.

  4. The most cost effective drum lifter on the market. Millsom Materials Handling now provides a safe, spill-free and convenient way to handle, move and decant standard chemical and raw material drums.

  5. The Polly-Dolly transports 205 Litre drums, tilts to become an efficient self-dispensing station, and acts as its own secondary containment unit. Manufactured from long lasting polyethylene. A U-shaped barrel platform and double looped strap makes...

  6. The Rim Grip Drum Lifter handles a wide variety of drum styles and sizes without complicated adjustments or exchanging attachments.

  7. Clamp Attachment


  8. Drum Lifting & Handling Clamp Attachment

    The LOGISTEC stainless steel lifters are flexible in design, ergonomic, operator friendly, and easy to use.

  9. Available for single drum lift (Model 3001002) or two drum lift (Model 3001003). Long life galvanised finish standard A firm hold on the drum allows precise positioning Clean design allows forklift operator full vision of the grip mechanism...

  10. Model 4361007 Drum Tranporter easily and effortlessly raises drums to a height of up to 500mm allowing it to be used in conjunction with most common spill containment bunding.  Ergonomic solution for lifting, transporting and placing drums on and...