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  1. MPDT Pic 1

    The King Multi Purpose Drum Trolley (MPDT) was designed to make the re-location of steel 200 Ltr drums a safer - easier affair. The unique double torsion sprung axle, falls back under the trolley during loading.

  2. Tow Tugs

    The Titan Tow Tug is a very nifty towing device for all manner of wheeled trolleys.

  3. Flatbed, 2 & 3 Tier and Stockpicking Trolleys

    Flatbed trolleys have been used forever, to haul goods around. The old heavy wood units have been replaced by lightweight, sleek, easily manoeuvred trolleys. 

  4. Rilsan® Nylon Coated Basket 4 x 125mm Swivel Rubber Wheels Strong Zinc Plated Wire Base Security Style Handle End Caps Durable Clear PVC Handle Sleeve Basket Corner Bumpers

  5. Zinc Plated - Clear Coated Finish 4 x 125mm Swivel Polyurethane Wheels Large Mesh Deck for Bulky-Awkward Items Separate Handle-Mounted Basket for Odds 'n Ends Mesh Deck Tilts to allow Nesting

  6. Resilient, Dark Grey, Non-Marking, Conductive Rubber Tyre Surpasses ANSI/ESD-S20.20-1999 Standard for Mobile Equipment and Work Surfaces Large Diameter Centrally Mounted 6203 Sealed Precision bearing

  7. Heavy Guage Stainless Steel Pre-Drilled Rivet Hole Firmly Locks Basket to Base Frame Sold in Pairs (Sets)  

  8. Chrome Plate Finish - Basket and Frame Durable Plastic Fittings 4 x 75mm Swivel Polyurethane Wheels "Just Like Mum 'n Dad"  

  9. Zinc Plated - Clear Coated Finish 2 x 125mm Swivel Rubber Wheels (front) 2 x 125mm Rigid Rubber Wheels (rear) 100 Litre Total Capacity (2x 50L Baskets) Separate Rear Facing Basket for Personal Items

  10. Abrasion Resistent Dual Flange PU Non-Marking Tyre Compatible With All Common Travelators and Moving Walkways Fits Standards Castor Rig with Accompanying Brake Leg Dual 8mm ID Precision Bearings