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  1. Meister (150-10000kg SWL)

    The "Meister is used to increase safety and efficiency in the workplace.

  2. GIS Slewing Pillar and Wall Cranes (up to 1000 kg)

    For use when cilings have insufficient load-bearing capacity

  3. Practicus  (80-2500kg SWL)

    The slew crane "Practicus" is available as wall-mounted or column-mounted.

  4. GISKB Crane System (up to 1250 kg)

    Modular concept, Single and double bridge suspended crane for all-round goods transportation.

  5. Strong components at the heart of GISKB

    Two profile sizes, Connection plate on both ends.

  6. Assistant  (80-4000kg SWL)

    The "Assistant" also available in wall or column mounts maximises available working space and helps reduce production costs.

  7. Custom Designed Cranes

    Redfern Flinn Cranes offer custom designed, Australian made Overhead Cranes from 125 kg SWL to 10,000 kg SWL.

  8. Use MaxX series Permanent Magnetic Lifters to lift steel plates, rounds or tubes. There is no safer, more efficient way to lift steel with magnets than with MaxX Permanent Magnetic Lifters.

  9. Comprehensive range of Lifting Magnets for steel of all types; magnets and magnetic lifting systems to lift steel coils, slabs, plates, beams or billets safely and surely with energy-efficient Quadsystem permanent-electro magnetic technology

  10. Lifting steel sheet is easier, safer and simpler with Mag-Frame from Serpent and Dove. Employing ingenious shallow-field, laminated magnet elements of Neodymium (Rare Earth) and/or Ferrite materials to lift and carry one sheet at a time