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  1. Containers for Dangerous Goods- 1000 Litre Container

    The 1,000 litre Dangerous Goods Approved container provides an efficient form of intermediate bulk packaging for a wide range of chemicals.

  2. Containers for Non Dangerous Goods - Light Duty Transportable Containers

    Specifically designed to carry bulk liquids, these containers, in an impact resistant frame, are suitable for storing anything from egg pulp to lubrication oils.

  3. Portafix Portable Storage Cabinet

    This small practical & transportable system is ideal for trades’ people mechanics etc.

  4. Containers for Non Dangerous Goods - Liquid Transporting Tanks

    From 450 up to 1,000 litres, Liquid Transporting Tanks are ideal for agricultural and industrial liquid bulk handling and storage.

  5. Securicon - The Intelligent Container

    Securicon provides protection for valuable products from theft & damage during transport & storage.

  6. DumpmasterBin Tippers

    Dumpmaster bin tippers offer portable, quick, efficient disposal of waste from wheelie bins to dump bins.

  7. Spacecase Storage Containers

    Moulded from UV stabilised polyethylene plastic. High strength rugged cases- will not rust or dent.

  8. Insulated Cool Bins

    The range of insulated bins is ideal for preserving freshness in seafood, meat, vegetables, fruit and poultry.

  9. SSI Schaefer Semi-Open Front Containers

    Manufactured from moulded polyethylene these parts bins offer easy picking access, visual stock control, are lightweight, have great strength and durability.

  10. MEGABIN Pallet Bins

    Designed for fruit and vegetable movement and retail high performance the Megabin has developed into the pallet bin of choice for all sorts of products.