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  1. SSI Schaefer Semi-Open Front Containers

    Manufactured from moulded polyethylene these parts bins offer easy picking access, visual stock control, are lightweight, have great strength and durability.

  2. Drum Management Modules

    This rack is for organized storage of 205 litre drums, as well as dispensing and spill control.

  3. Mezzanine Safety Gate

    This safety pallet gate is cost effective & most efficient at protecting personnel working on & accessing pallets on mezzanine floors.

  4. Cabinets - Bookcases

    With functionality and aesthetics inbuilt, the Bosco cabinet product range is an extensive collection of space saving, efficient storage solutions.

  5. SSI Schaefer Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

    Interlock Pallet racking systems are designed to meet the new generation of warehouses up to 15m high, designed around the operating tolerances of VNA equipment with aisles marginally wider than the load.

  6. CASI’s automated shipping and manifest systems can typically replace up to 4 manual operators, therefore saving on labour costs.

  7. Safety Storage Cabinets for Hazardous & Flammable Materials

    These storage cabinets provide a safe, close-by, and secure and timesaving method for storing all types of dangerous or corrosive chemicals & flammables.

  8. Library Shelving Systems & Archive Shelving Systems - Mediatek

    Bosco provides dedicated resources to assist in the selection, design, set up of and manufacture of your archive and library shelving systems

  9. Securicon - The Intelligent Container

    Securicon provides protection for valuable products from theft & damage during transport & storage.

  10. Pavo Bookcase

    The Pavo bookcase features a chrome cross brace, providing structural integrity and eliminating the need for a solid back panel.