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  1. Modular Workbenches

    The Boscotek™ range of modular workbenches provide heavy duty, flexible workspace for a range of commercial and industrial applications.

  2. Spacecase Storage Containers

    Moulded from UV stabilised polyethylene plastic. High strength rugged cases- will not rust or dent.

  3. Hexagonal Workbench

    The workbench is a multi-user, space saving workstation consisting of a hexagonal hardwood top and a lockable high density storage unit at each work position.

  4. BOSCOTEK Mobile Tool Trolley

    BOSCOTEK™ Mobile Tool Trolleys provide an ideal storage solution for industrial workspaces where tools and equipment need to be moved between areas.

  5. SSI Schaefer R3000 Modular Shelving

    Schaefer’s multifunctional, R3000 modular, metric, flexible, shelving system is organised productivity like none other in the world.

  6. Polypropylene Lockers

    All metal components are stainless so they are rust free. They are also, strong, stable, light, impact resistant and capable of modularly interlocking & are easily relocated.

  7. SSI Schaefer Satellite Storage & Retrieval System

    SCHAEFER Satellite System (SSS) is a remote storage/retrieval device that offers maximum warehouse floor utilization of up to 80+%.

  8. Ergo Workstations & Benches

    Our height adjustable Ergo Workstations have been manufactured to be ergonomically correct.

  9. High Density Drawer Storage Cabinets

    BOSCOTEK ™ High Density Drawer Storage cabinets are designed to offer flexible configuration options allowing you to develop a custom storage solution to meet your specific workplace needs.

  10. Plastic Pallet

    These are rugged one-piece recyclable plastic construction, for weights up to 1000kg on the fork and up to 4000kg when stacked.