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  1. Mesh Pallet Racking Shelves

    MantaMESH enhances the flexibility of standard pallet racking.

  2. Containers for Non Dangerous Goods - Light Duty Transportable Containers

    Specifically designed to carry bulk liquids, these containers, in an impact resistant frame, are suitable for storing anything from egg pulp to lubrication oils.

  3. Modular Wire Shelving

    A strong heavy duty Modular Wire Shelving system that is suitable for cool-rooms, commercial kitchens, warehouses, storerooms, retail shelving, garages and homes.

  4. The Bosco gun cabinet is a secure pistol storage container manufactured to NSW Department of Commerce specifications for NSW police.

  5. SSI Schaefer LS600 Long Span Adjustable Shelving

    Commonly referred to as long span shelving, SSI SCHAEFER LS600 racking systems, facilitate the storage of bulky items and are suitable for larger capacity shelving applications especially multi tier applications.

  6. Cantilever Racking

    Cantilever racking is the ideal solution for storage of oversized goods & longer items.

  7. Industrial Workbench

    BOSCOTEK™ Industrial Workbenches are designed to support high loads and accommodate heavy-duty applications.

  8. Protect-it™ Pallet Racking Column Protection

    Protect-it™ column protection devices are cost-effective for racking protection as warehouse rack damage is a major occupational health and safety issue.

  9. Pallet Exchanger Tilter

    Pallet exchanger tilters eliminate the need for manual intervention and therefore eliminate the injury risks, whilst significantly decreasing cycle times and with productivity up to 30 pallets/hour.

  10. Containers for Non Dangerous Goods - Liquid Transporting Tanks

    From 450 up to 1,000 litres, Liquid Transporting Tanks are ideal for agricultural and industrial liquid bulk handling and storage.