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  1.   Lexian Solutions and Barloworld Optimus offers strategic network design, optimization software and consulting services to leading manufacturing organisations in the entire major consumer markets across the globe with their Australian and New...

  2.   Lexian has been involved in many major sporting events that over the past six years and has developed a strong expertise in event logistics management and technology. Major events in which Lexian has been involved include: Sydney Olympics...

  3.   Perfect for Manufacturers and Retailers

  4.   We offer strategic network design and optimisation software and consulting services to leading organisations in all the major markets of the world. The flexibility of the CAST modelling software and its ease of use permits its application across...

  5.   Top Retailers Adopt CAST

  6. The Cost Accounting features within Infor VISUAL Enterprise support both actual costing and standard costing, providing you with the flexibility to choose the method that works best for you.

  7. Management Reporting provides powerful data access and reporting tools for Infor VISUAL Enterprise and Infor VISUAL Financials, allowing you to easily analyze and manage enterprise and accounting data. .

  8. The ManufacturingWindow® is the master engineering and production management tool within Infor VISUAL Enterprise. The full-color, graphical interface allows you to create an engineering plan or Bill of Material (BOM) quickly and easily

  9. Designed to accommodate the needs of make-to-stock and repetitive manufacturers, the Infor VISUAL Advanced Material Planning module helps you increase throughput by ensuring material availability, efficient allocation resources and scheduling

  10. Infor VISUAL CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provides the tools you need to manage your prospects, customer accounts, contracts, and sales and marketing campaigns.