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  1. A selling and business acquisition solution for the sale and delivery of complex products and services. Respond to customer demand quickly, accurately and profitably. Cincom’s new solution suite bridges the gap between front and back office systems.

  2. Cincom’s Guided Selling and Product Configuration software fits the bill. It simplifies the most complex selling from made-to-order, engineer-to-order, assemble-to-order, to complex service offerings

  3. Socrates enables knowledge-based applications such as sales and product configurators to be driven by business rules, as opposed to conventional programming logic within typical price software.

  4. Infor VISUAL DesignLink works with applications such as AutoCAD® from Autodesk to seamlessly integrate your engineering operations with your manufacturing operations. This allows enterprises to maintain and retrieve engineering and manufacturing...

  5. Infor VISUAL Enterprise’s Dimensional Inventory Tracking module provides you with an added level of control over your inventoried parts.

  6. The Engineering Change Notice (ECN) module allows you to establish controls and manage the process of making changes to documents and drawings, parts, Bills of Material (BOMs) and routings, work orders, and projects.

  7. Infor VISUAL Enterprise gives you more control over your inventory by providing greater accuracy and immediate access to inventory information throughout the company..

  8. The ManufacturingWindow® is the master engineering and production management tool within Infor VISUAL Enterprise. The full-color, graphical interface allows you to create an engineering plan or Bill of Material (BOM) quickly and easily

  9. Infor VISUAL Enterprise offers you complete shop floor control through seamless integration of all its features, including inventory control, material and labor tracking and reporting, purchasing, and scheduling.

  10. VISUAL Manufacturing is a flexible and scaleable solution for growing manufacturers.It is easy to use and and can help meet production needs, improve workflow, access real time information and improve customer service and on time deliveries.