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  1. ASPTraq Network Terminal 

  2. Cables That Communicate

  3. Suitable for a wide range of applications, including security systems, sound and intercom systems, power-limited controls, fire and burglar alarm systems, single-line telephones, and more.

  4. PROFIBUS is the world’s most popular Fieldbus system with application specific profiles such as:

  5. The modular IP67 distribution system e2c (Easy To Connect) is suitable for decentralized applications in rough industrial environments. The system supports the Profibus DP, DeviceNet and Interbus Fieldbuses and is easy to install and configure. The...

  6. Rectangular connectors of the GDM series for hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-magnetic actuators as well as sensors fulfill the demands of hard practical daily work in every form (Types A/B/C). Key features include:

  7. Hirschmann™ has expanded its product range with the Fast and Gigabit Ethernet workgroup switches of the MACH100 family. These switches support PROFINET and EtherNet/ IP protocols. This way workgroups can be networked by copper cables and via fiber...

  8. RS20 and RS30 Unmanaged Switches Hirschmann™’s unmanaged OpenRail switches are ideal for applications that are less dependent upon the features of switch management while maintaining the highest feature-set for an unmanaged switch. Standard features...

  9. To support a wide range of facility monitoring, security and asset protection applications, including closed-circuit television (CCTV), CCTV plus audio or power, CCTV Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera control, and card reader/sensor systems.

  10. With patented bonded-pair design, the cables are able to withstand the rigors of a typicalinstallation without any degradation in performance. This means, for example, that the Cat 5ecable will not only meet the Cat 5e specifications before...