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  1. Data Acquisition (DAQ)

    Data Acquisition is a process of acquiring analogue signals from one or more transducers and converting the sampling signals into digital numeric values which can be manipulated by a computer.

  2. ProcessSensor – Wireless DAQ

    BeanAir® ProcessSensor Series are wireless sensors designed to connect to analog and wireless sensors for industrial process control, remote machine monitoring an isolated site, building management, and environmental studies.

  3. The MINI MICR is a MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Cheque Reader, and is designed to read the MICR characters on cheques, deposit and withdrawal slips, and other MICR encoded documents.

  4. No need to type in the details on a Medicare or credit card, just swipe the card through the QuickStripe reading slot. The card data will appear on your PC screen as though you typed it in, but without any errors!

  5. It doesn't cost much to move over to the benefits of ASP Electronic Time & Attendance.

  6. The Matrix 120™ is the perfect solution when small dimension, simple integration and performance are the key drivers.

  7. The Matrix 220 imager is the most compact image based barcode reader for top performance with the highest flexibility.

  8. The DS2100N is the ideal compact laser bar code scanner with complete connectivity and communication options for

  9. Matrix 450N™ is the high-end industrial 2D reader designed for logistic applications.

  10. The AV500 is an innovative 2D image-based reader setting a new paradigm for logistic applications with high speed transportation systems on all conveyor sizes, airport baggage handling systems, as well as static reading applications.