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  1. The Liftco Conductor Bar System is a durable, versatile and economical power distribution system for overhead mobile electrical equipment from 25 to 400A.

  2. Double and Triple Scissor Lift Table

    Double and Triple Scissor Lifts Tables and Scissor Hoists provide users with greater scissor lift travel for a smaller footprint.

  3. LoLift Scissor Lift Table

    The LoLift ultra low profile scissor lift table is ideally suited for use with a hand pallet truck.

  4. Car Scissor Hoists

    Safetech scissor lift tables can be installed as car hoists to save space and provide access to first floor or basement garages and display rooms.

  5. Scissor Lift

    Safetech are Australia's leading designer and manufacturer of scissor lift tables.

  6. Scissor Lift Freight Hoist / Goods Hoist

    Safetech's large Scissor Lift Tables are ideal for use as freight hoists / goods hoists where bigger platform size is required or where more than 4,000kgs is being transferred.

  7. Scissor Lift Tables / Scissor Hoists

    Smartlift Scissor Lift Tables and Scissor Hoists combine an extensive range of capacities, features and options to provide the factory and warehouse with lifting and work positioning.

  8. Large Single Scissor Lift Tables

    Scissor lift tables capable of lifting up to 10 tonne double and triple scissors and tandem lifts for long and wide loads.

  9. Column Mount Freight Hoist

    These lifts use a column mount to the freight hoist skeleton to attach and elevate the lifting platform.

  10. Lift and Tilt

    Scissor lift table meets Tilt table. Safetech have added to their product range 2 new Tilt table options developed from the leading AS series of scissor lift tables.