Many automation and materials handling applications require precision and reliability when grasping, holding and transporting products in the process chain. Vacuum lifting technology is one tool manufacturers select to ensure their logistical processes run smoothly. Vacuum handling typically requires relatively low vacuum values and has the advantage of having fewer critical failure points than mechanical lifting devices.



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  1. Vacuum Lifting

    Vacuum lifting and handling has numerous advantages wherever there is demand for careful, quick and efficient handling of goods.

  2. Vacuum Tube Lifters: Vaculex & Microlex

    Our extremely user friendly Vaculex and it’s baby brother Microlex vacuum tube lifters make virtually any object up to 200kg feel almost weightless.

  3. VacuBoy 90 Degree Tilt

    VacuBoy 90 easily lifts 2000kg horizontally and tilts 1000kg through 90° degrees to the vertical.

  4. VacuBoy Horizontal

    VacuBoy easily & safely handles aluminium & steel plates, scaled & corroded steel sheets, chequer plate, glass & window panes, stone slabs, laminated boards, sandwich panels & much more, without damage.

  5. VacuCoil

    This series guarantees an entirely safe, efficient and most of all damage-free handling of rolls, coils and split coil rings.

  6. Vacuhandling Technology (up to 100 kg)

    Quick, safe and effortless handling of goods

  7. These Standard Vacuum Tube Lift Systems have a wide range of applications and have traditionally been the most popular choice for users. They are availaable in tube diameters of 160 mm (6.3") for the Model VT160, 180 mm (7.1") for the Model VT180...

  8. Mechanical Vacuum Lifters do not rely on plant power, outside controls, or complex accessories. These self-contained units create their own vacuum mechanically, giving them unmatched versatility for use in metal fabricating plants, service centres,...

  9. Vacuum Coil Lifters - Designed for handling all types of coils: metal, film, paper or plastic, in a horizontal or vertical position. - Multi-chambered heads can handle different diameter and size loads independently, making these lifters extremely...

  10. The Lyftman LR Track System is specifically designed as a cost effective and ergonomic solution to move loads using monorails, jib cranes and overhead cranes.