Torque is the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis, fulcrum or pivot. The most typical torque tool is a torque limiter or overload clutch. A torque limiter is an automatic device that protects mechanical processes from damage and disruption via a slipping mechanism that limits torque or a disconnect device that uncouples the attached device from the drive system. Torque limiters may be packaged as a shaft coupling or as a hub for a sprocket or sheave.



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  1. Each pneumatic tool is designed to perform best at a given pressure.

  2. Deprag are the screwdriving specialists.  They manufacture a complete range of screwdrivers, screwfeeders and screw assembly machines at their headquarters in Amberg, Germany.  Included in their range are pneumatic torque controlled screwdrivers,...

  3. Complete solution for measuring torque and speed at low cost New patented measurement technique Very high signal bandwith Maintenance-free, contactless

  4. Measuring of twist angle and speed of ROTEX® and ROTEX® -GS couplings  Priceless solution for operating drives Independent of size and speed Alarm signal at critical conditions Hand-held unit or permanent sensor

  5. Positive locking Backlash-free shaft-hub connection Switchoff of the drive in case of overload Automatic readiness for working Overload protection up to 13,000 Nm

  6. Frictionally-engaged Torque adjustment in assembled condition Overload protection up to 6,800 Nm Important volume of wear and tear - long lifetime

  7. Positive locking Backlash-free, torsionally stiff overload protection Switchoff of the drive in case of overload Easy integration of customer parts

  8. TORQUE MULTIPLIERS Capacities of 1/2" input x 3/4" output from 600 Ft/Lb/810Nm -1250Ft/Lb/1700NM. Capacities 3/4" input x 1" output from 200 Ft/Lb/1700Nm -7500 Ft/Lb-10000Nm.