Pumps move liquids, gases or slurries by mechanical action and are classified into three major groups by methodology: direct lift, displacement and gravity pumps. They take many sizes, depending on the difficulty of the application. Pumps may be driven by a variety of energy sources, including petroleum, solar energy and direct electrical connection. They are often used in automated and process control systems.



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  1. The Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps in summary:

  2. Global Pumps line of trash pumps features pumps with high head and that are self-priming. The high head option offers pumps with heads up to 63m, sizes can be supplied to achieve flow rates of up to 594 cubic meters per hour.

  3. Aussie GMP self priming centrifugal pumps are available with close coupled petrol or diesel engine drive for a wide range of applications

  4. This series of pumps is designed for systems requiring high flow i.e. dump truck or crawler tractor fast refuelling in the field. Available in 1” or 1½” configuration with 12 or 24 volt DC option for 1” versions. Got big plant to fill fast?

  5. Heavy duty cast iron, self priming, centrifugal electric drive pumps with high pressure and flows available in a range of sizes from 1” through to 4”.

  6. Heavy duty cast iron or bronze electric drive pumps are designed for high pressure applications, available in a range of sizes from 1½” through to 3”.

  7. Aussie GMP hydraulic drive pumps are ideal for mobile applications. They provide loads of power and real design flexibility. The range includes models in 2” and 3” and 4” in both high flow and high pressure versions

  8. Aussie GMP bare shaft self priming centrifugal pumps designed for long coupling to electric motors, petrol or diesel engines, hydraulic or PTO drives

  9. Aussie GMP self priming centrifugal engine drive semi trash pumps in 2”, 3” and 4” configurations, designed for pumping solid laden liquids in both high and low pressure operations, with flows available to 2600 lpm and heads to 35 metres.

  10. Lightweight 1” and 1½” pumps designed to be portable & effective. Flows to 200 lpm & maximum heads of up to 60 metres. They use lightweight, high speed, top quality Japanese engines for exceptional efficiency through the performance range